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Hair Treatments and Products

All products formulated by The Crown healer for contain pure organic herbs and essential oils. Please always do a patch test to ensure no allergies exist to this product. We are not liable or responsible for any illness or allergic reaction.

All products formulated by The Crown Healer are crafted with 100% ethically sourced ingredients. Produced using only traditional methods to give the final product the traditional consistency and authentic smell.

Ingredients used in our products at support the natural function of the hair follicle feeding it necessary nutrients beneath the surface of the skin (scalp) aiding in the stimulation of hair growth.


The Crown Healer's Coco Shine Serum is a specially formulated hair treatment to help improve the appearance of the hair, and to reduce the frizziness in the hair. Along with stimulating hair growth, ingredients help nourish the hair shaft that helps strengthen the hair while improving elasticity. Products are good for all hair types. Perfect for silk press on natural hair. This product formulated by The Crown Healer is made with organic coconut oil, and palm oils that nourish, and moisturize the hair leaving it with a smooth texture that looks and feels soft & shiny. A Little Goes a long way. Can be used on all hair types. Even male facial hair.


The Crown Healer's Dry Scalp Elixir is perfecthair treatment for those with dry, flaky, dandruff scalp. Using anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients, this elixir refreshes, soothes the scalp, and calms the mind, while providing anti-fungal ingredients that protect your scalp from sebaceous build-up.


The Crown Healer's Growth Potion is a must have in every hair care regimen! This oil will help moisturize, soften, condition and hydrate hair without leaving a greasy residue. You can use it in conjunction with other oils from our Crown Healer's- Hair Rehab Collection.