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Introduction to Crystals

Introduction to Crystals/ Gemstones

Crystals absorb energy, which means they are very effective in soaking up vibrations -positive and negative- if the people around them. Crystals will carry the energy of everyone who has handled it, and every place it has spent time. Because of this crystals need to be cleansed, recharged, activated, and dedicated to working a specific need as soon as possible. Crystals need cleansing after wearing or healing.


Always cleanse jewelry given from someone else, as it can hold vibrations that can get passed onto to you.


Crystal cleansing-

Crystals that scan not be damaged by water can be held under a tap or immersed in salt water. Crystal clusters, and those that tend to dissolve can be placed in brown rice over night. Large Quartz cluster or Carnelian can. Be used to cleanse other crystals,  ht need to be cleansed themselves after

You can smudge crystals or pass hem through the light from a candle or visualize them surrounded by light that purifies and re energizes them. Placing crystals by the light from the sun or moon for a few hours recharged it’s batteries and is ready to work. Citrine, kyanite, and Azezyulite are among the few crystals that never need to be cleaned.

Activating your crystal-

Crystals need to be activated and programmed to start working.

  • Hold the crystal in your hand
  • Picture light surrounding it, or hold your hands in front of a light source
  • Formulate an intention for the stone ( be specific about how you want to use the stone)

Ex: If you want to attract love, lost exactly what you want and on what time scale. If used for healing, say precisely for which condition and the result that you seek

If using the stone for protection you can be less specific ex: ‚ÄúKeep my vibrations positive and protect me from anything negative that may harm me‚ÄĚ

  • Study what crystal is right for you. If it is not attune with your intention then the stone will feel lifeless.
  • When totally in tune say out loud ‚Äú I program this crystal for/too (state purpose)‚ÄĚ.
  • Then wear the crystal, place it on your body as appropriate
Place it where you can see it frequently, or keep it in your pocket to remind you


Maintaining crystals-

Keep colored crystals out of the sun or they will fade

Layered clustered stones can separate and points may fracture, especially if they have been dyed. Tumbled stones are more durable. When not in use wrap your crystals in velvet or silk scarf. This prevents scratching and protects the crystal against absorbing negative emanations.





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