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Unakite Keychain

Unakite Keychain

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The Unakite stone showcased in this keychain is a captivating fusion of olive green, pink, and peach tones, creating a harmonious and earthy palette. Each stone is meticulously chosen for its unique patterns, ensuring that your keychain is a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out from the crowd.

Unakite is celebrated for its calming and balancing properties. It is believed to promote emotional healing, harmony, and a sense of wholeness. With this keychain, you can carry a tangible reminder of these positive qualities, allowing you to stay grounded and centered in the midst of your busy day.

The Unakite stone is securely attached to a sturdy metal key ring, ensuring that your keys are kept safe and organized. The ring is designed to hold multiple keys, offering both practical functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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