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The Queens Secret- Rejuvenating Body Oil

The Queens Secret- Rejuvenating Body Oil

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Queen's Secret- Rejuvenating Body Oil

The Queens secret is here!Used as a beauty secret for the Queens of the Nile in Ancient Egypt, the secret to a beautiful and glowing complexion is our powerful blend of nourishing ingredients that work together in harmony for healing, and regeneration. DopeAlchemy's The Queens Secret- Rejuvenating Body Oil helps to rejuvenate the skin, restore its natural balance, and stimulate blood circulation.

Ostrich oil penetrates through 7 layers of the skin to rejuvenate, soothe, relieve, and moisturize from the inside out. It also works as an anti-aging treatment to smooth out wrinkles, and keep it revived and glowing. 


- Helps with wrinkles

- Stretch Marks

- Hair Growth

- Psoriasis, Eczema 

- Burns, scars, and wounds

- Arthritis 


How to use:

Apply a dime sized amount of oil in your hand and rub it on affected area. Use as often as needed. Oil spreads easily. A little goes a long way.

Individual results may vary.


This product contains pure organic herbs and essential oils. Please always do a patch test to ensure no allergies exist to this product. We are not liable or responsible for any illness or allergic reaction.

Ingredients: Ostrich oil, Emu oil

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