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Amazonite x Evil Eye Protection Charm Bracelet

Amazonite x Evil Eye Protection Charm Bracelet

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Introducing our stunning Amazonite Beaded Bracelet with an Evil Eye Protection Charm, a captivating piece that beautifully combines elegance and spiritual symbolism. This bracelet is meticulously crafted with genuine Amazonite gemstone beads, renowned for their mesmerizing shades of turquoise-green that evoke feelings of tranquility and harmony.

The main feature of this enchanting bracelet is the Evil Eye Protection Charm, meticulously designed to ward off negative energies and bring good fortune to the wearer. The charm is delicately fashioned with intricate detailing, showcasing the iconic Nazar symbol, believed to have the power to deflect harmful intentions and protect against malevolent forces.

Each Amazonite bead is carefully selected for its natural beauty, varying in shades and patterns, ensuring that every bracelet is unique. The beads are strung together with a durable elastic cord, providing a comfortable and flexible fit for various wrist sizes. The smooth texture of the beads enhances the tactile experience, while the gentle weight of the bracelet adds a sense of grounding and stability.

Handmade item
Size: Adjustable
Materials: Gemstone
Gemstone: Amazonite (6 mm)

Each unique piece is designed and handmade with love and care, and comes with a keepsake bag. All jewelry creations are handmade in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.


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