Collection: African Bloodstone

African Bloodstone Collection

African Bloodstone is a stone of courage, purification, and noble sacrifice. This stoneĀ has a long history of use for its healing properties. It was considered a magical stone in Ancient Egypt because of its ability to transmute negative energy & purify a space while protecting it at the same time. African Bloodstone can remove blocks that are keeping us stuck, which can help to revitalize our energy and create a clear path forward. An excellent blood cleanser used to purify and detoxify the body. Great for grounding negative energy and cleansing the body. Brings love to any situation. It heightens intuition and increases creativity. Gives courage and teaches you how to avoid dangerous situations. Encourages selflessness and idealism.Ā  Assists in acting in the present moment. Bloodstone calms and revitalises the mind, dispels confusion, and enhances decision-making.Ā